Like the rest of your landscaping, a new tree demands a routine care plan so that it will thrive and remain the centerpiece of your yard for years to come. Below you will find our tree care suggestions that will help you keep your new tree beautiful season after season. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Tree Source, Inc. at 972-346-2729. For your convenience, you can use the order form on this site.

The owner will assume maintenance of the tree upon completion of the Contractors work.
These instructions must be carefully followed.

WATERING: During the first year and a half of a newly planted tree, the root system is restricted to a "root ball". The root system will take about 2 and a half years to re-establish itself in the surrounding ground, so care must be concentrated on the root ball during the first year and a half. We are trying to accomplish keeping the rootball moist at all times, but not standing in water. Different soil types drain differently. Some soils will hold water, and some will drain quicker, standing water will kill a tree by keeping the roots from absorbing oxygen. On the other hand, letting the tree's root ball dry out will put a tree in shock. The recommended method of watering is a water hose running at a slow trickle placed directly on top of the root ball. If poor drainage occurs, it is better to water a little bit at a time a little bit more often.

FREQUENCY: During the first year and a half, use the temperature guidelines for watering frequency. Adjust accordingly for rainfall.

60 degrees - once every ten days
70 degrees - once a week
80 degrees - twice a week
90 degrees & above - three times a week

WINTER : During the winter, do not let the tree go for an extended period without water. Water every two weeks if there is no rainfall. This watering schedule should continue for a period of one and a half years until the tree has a chance to re-establish its root system.

SPRINKLERS : A sprinkler system generally will penetrate only 4" deep, whereas most root zones are 18" – 24" deep. For this reason, additional water must be applied accordingly with water hose.

FERTILIZER : Apply fertilizer only during the growing season according to directions. A root stimulator may be used the first year according to directions.

MULCH : A 1" layer of pine bark mulch will help keep the soil moist.

Each of us at Tree Source, Inc. hopes that these tree care tips will prove to be beneficial to the well-being of your new tree. If you have any questions or we can assist you in any way, please contact Tree Source, Inc. at 972-346-2729. For your convenience, you can use the order form on this site.

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